Minaretförbud i Schweiz

Ni har säkert läst det redan, i tidningar och otaliga bloggar, tex Jinge att Schweiz infört minaretförbud. Löjligt kan man tycka, det är ju bara ett torn. Cherinochmohammed skriver om det från ett muslimskt perspektiv. En minaret är inte nödvändig för en moske, precis som kristna inte behöver ha kyrktorn på en kyrka, men det är en del av igenkännandet av byggnaden och den speciella typ av arkitektur som hör till. Men jag tänker på denna låt när jag hör om detta förbud.

Vi måste veta vilka vi vill ska vinna.


  1. Elin,

    I have been considering your predicament. Sorry about my late reply, I am in my last year at uni and so am often quite busy.

    I am a convert in process to the Beachy Amish Mennonites (http://www.beachyam.org/).I live 8 hours from the only Anabaptist church in my country and know no local Anabaptists.It can be quite isolating, but I do communicate with Anabaptists via yahoo groups and a chatroom.A small group of people and I are setting up a once a week meet up via skype.

    I began covering my head in early 2007.It is not easy- people stare & I would feel self conscious.However, sometimes I get people who hold doors open for me and whom rush to help me.One time a bus driver hugged me.Wearing a covering gives me serenity.

    The best way to begin covering is to find a bandanna or a wide cloth hairband- something discreet, and wear it at home until you feel comfortable.Then gradually wear it outside the home and after a while you may wish to wear a bigger covering or a different covering that would be more religious.

    You could choose to discuss the matter with your pastor and get his opinion- or you could just go for it.It is quite nerve wracking so wear a light covering so that you may forget that you are wearing it and do something relaxing beforehand.It may be easier for you to attend a church in which you are a stranger until become more comfortable.

    I have been trying to find Swedish Quakers for you but have had no luck.However I have found a lot of Quaker groups on yahoo:


    It could be that on one of these that you may meet another Swedish person drawn to Quakerism or you may meet some people willing to come to Sweden and set up a Quaker meeting.You sound like a Conservative Quaker though with your interest in headcovering, these links may be of help to you:


    This is for isolated Quakers:


    I hope this helps,

    Lucy ^_^


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