Here I will collect my entries in English so that those of you who only understand English can find them more easily.

Dear people! I regret to tell you that I have stopped blogging in English indefinitely but if and when I will start again I will let you know!

Northern Sweden

Northern Sweden (starting post, general information)
Northern Sweden 1
Northern Sweden 2
I Was Going to Tell You All About Where I Grew Up and Show You Pictures (Northern Sweden 3)
My Summer This Far (Northern Sweden 4)
Sun Swimming and More Pictures (Northern Sweden 5)
At Home Again (Northern Sweden 6)
Northern Sweden, traditional barns and more farmland pictures (Northern Sweden 7)
The Church Town of Gammelstad (Northern Sweden 8)
My Beaked Shoes, Näbbskor (Northern Sweden 9)

Various other posts in English

My urban farming:

'Bloody Butcher', tomato

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