14 februari 2010

Hämta nu styrka hos Herren, av hans oerhörda kraft.

Dagens bibelcitat, titeln alltså. Måste säga att jag verkligen gjorde det idag när jag lyssande på dagens predikan och deltog i gudstjänsten i min virkade hätta. Fick beröm och många som var intresserade, kanske kommer jag få kompanjoner? Fastan börjar på onsdag, ska försöka hitta ett bättre böneliv då.

2 kommentarer:

  1. That is excellent news!Did you make the cap yourself?I am thinking of these caps- http://rachelsmodesty.creocommunico.com/category_2/WomensTeen-Headwear.php

  2. I made it myself, after seeing some picture of a crochet cap somewhere, perhaps at the place you linked to, I am not sure. I made my own model and I made it in a colored yarn as I did not want to go for a white one the first time, I was afraid it would look too oldfashioned and out of place. As you know I wear quite modern clothes even though I go for a covered and more modest look so I did not want to make it look too out of date. I am making one in white at the moment and I have also mixed it up and worn regular shawls these two last services I went to. At church, I am now covered. The next step, covering all the time will come some day.