10 februari 2012

God's creatures great and small...

Some pictures from Christmas of the animals of my brothers and sister.

Billy, one of the hairest Chinese Crested there is...

 Billy exploring his inner Jamaican...

Billy trying out what it is like to look like a palmtree (Christmas-gifts in the background)

 Billy being a very silly dog

 Two old cats enjoying a nap on the sofa (Allan in black and white, Kalle in almost all black (yes, he is black but the light makes him seem chocolate))

Kalle with ears folded back
 Dog play in Christmas Day, Ernst and the Jämthund girls (cannot tell them apart in this picture but I think it is Tindra and Tequila)
 All the Jämhund girls, Tindra, Tequila and Akka and Ernst. Billy was there too but wasn't in any of the pictures. The dogs sure had fun and played wild and loud games. The Jämthund is a hunting dog used for moosehunting and one of their most prominent features is their loud bark which can travel for miles...

 Illberg, probably the world's most evil-looking cat (but he is actually pretty nice)
Evil close-up

Max, a pretty timid cat residing at my sister's house.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Många fina bilder på illbattingarna som ställer till så mycket förtret för dig i form av allergi. Men de är ju gulliga ändå!/Katttanten

  2. Jag tycker speciellt alla korten på Billy var roliga.